Ramadan Mubarak! 2020 Celebrations are a Challenge in Egypt

Posted by Steve Collins on

Ramadan Mubarak means Blessed Ramadan.


Every night, for the 4 weeks of the Islamic month called Ramadan, Muslims around the world fast during the time between sunrise and sunset (not even drinking any water). It is a time to reflect on all the gifts of normal life, and also to think of those less fortunate.


They break their day-long fast at sundown with a meal called "Iftar". It is very common to have 20 people or more at the table. In Egypt, many local businesses set up tables open to anyone passing by. The Ramadan of 2020 is certainly a big challenge with the current conditions, but the Egyptians will be celebrating as best they can.

This photo, taken at our office in Cairo a few years ago, is our Iftar with employees, vendors, friends and neighbors.

Happy Ramadan!

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