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The hieroglyphic language contains more than two thousand symbols, some representing words, others representing full ideas, and others representing sounds (phonetic). Depending on how the symbols is used, the same symbol might represent an idea in one hieroglyphic sentence, and a sound in a different sentence! 


Since it is a phonetic language, the symbols represent sounds.  For example. the Basket symbol is a hard “C” sound, used to start the name Carla, or Cleopatra, but  it would not be the correct choice for the name Cindy, since the English letter ‘C’ now represents the soft C, or ‘S’ sound, and the Bolt or Cloth symbol would be used. 


As such, the viper is the hieroglyphic symbol for both our ‘F’ and ‘V’ sounds since they are so close in sound; English names that start with “K” will use the same basket symbol as we used in Carla or Cleopatra.


When we make our cartouche jewelry, we use the following hieroglyphic language chart. You will notice that there are multiple options for some letters. We try to choose the ones that will look the most pleasing in our jewelry.



We also offer a detailed book on the topic:  How to read Ancient Hieroglyphs

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