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Our owner Steve Collins, traveled to Cairo in 1979 to tour the Middle East with his college friend David. In the 3 month trip, they bought hand-crafts and jewelry along the way with the hopes of bringing their treasures back home to sell them and help pay for their trip.  Now, more than 40 years later, Steve is still at it!  He lives in the US, but he spends a good part of his year traveling to Egypt to find new treasures.

Over the years, he has made relationships with artisans in Egypt that are as close as family.  Steve loves the wonders of ancient Egypt, as well as the culture and lifestyle of modern-day Egypt, and he loves bringing the flavor of Egypt to American people who have not been there.  

Discoveries is known around the world as a supplier of good quality, affordable Egyptian hand-crafts and jewelry.  We supply the gift shops of most every major museum in the US that has an Egyptian collection or traveling exhibition. 

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