Egyptian History: Meet our Staff/Family in Cairo, Egypt

Posted by Steve Collins on

Running a successful Egyptian import business means making connections with your staff. It also means that Steve, our founder, speaks fluent Arabic.Cairo Staff Egypt

Our Cairo office is managed by 3 Egyptians who have been working with us for over 25 years! We consider them as close as family and Steve talks with them daily. We really appreciate and care deeply for these men and their families.

Hassan Gouda, Hassan Attiya, and Nasr Mahtouk manage orders with our vendors, receive and check the quality of our goods, and create shipments for export. They grew up in Faiyum (an Oasis west of Cairo), but live in Cairo with their families.



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  • Very nice I enjoyed reading the story. I wood like to visit Egypt some time. Back in school years ago when we study it in text books
    I thought I visit one day. But never have.

    Robert H. Snead on

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