Egyptian Deity: Seth the protective god of chaos

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In Egyptian mythology, Seth, also known as Set, is an ancient deity representing chaos, disorder, and the desert. He was associated with storms, violence, and natural disasters that could disrupt the harmony of the world. Seth was often depicted with the head of an unidentified animal, possibly a composite creature with features of an aardvark or jackal. He was sometimes shown as a muscular man with the head of the animal on top of an elongated snout.  

One of the most significant myths involving Seth is his ongoing feud with his brother Osiris. According to the myth, Seth murdered Osiris out of jealousy. After Osiris' death, his son Horus, who sought to avenge his father, challenged Seth for the throne of Egypt. Despite his chaotic nature, Seth was sometimes seen as a protective deity, guarding the sun god Ra during his nightly journey through the underworld.

This year we added statues of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses that we have never offered before and Seth it one of them!


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