Egyptian Deity: Babi the baboon guardian of the underworld

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In Egyptian mythology, Babi is a deity associated with baboons and characterized as a fierce and primal god. Babi is often depicted as a baboon or as a human figure with the head of a baboon. 

baboons and snakes painted on a wall inside the tomb of Ramses

One of the notable roles of Babi in Egyptian mythology was his association with the afterlife. He was believed to be a guardian of the gates of the underworld and would protect the deceased in their journey to the afterlife. Babi was also associated with the solar god Ra, as baboons were believed to greet the rising sun, symbolizing the dawn and the renewal of life. The image of Babi can be found in many tombs and temples throughout Egypt. 

Babi's ferocious nature was sometimes used in a positive context, representing the protective and aggressive aspects of deities. He was sometimes invoked to assist the pharaoh in battles, helping them to overcome their enemies.

Babi was an important deity in ancient Egyptian mythology, representing the primal forces of nature, protection, and the afterlife. We offer a statue of this fierce Egyptian God.


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