Egyptian Artifact: The Narmer Palette

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The Narmer Palette is an ancient Egyptian artifact dating back to the Early Dynastic Period, around 3100 BCE. The palette is now on display in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. When we saw it in person, we were surprised by how large it was.

The Narmer Palette is about 25 inches tall and depicts scenes from the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt under the pharaoh Narmer. It is carved on both sides. The front of the palette shows Narmer wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt, striking an enemy with a mace while holding him by the hair. The back of the palette shows Narmer wearing the red crown of Lower Egypt, accompanied by two bulls representing the unification of the two lands.

The original Narmer Palette is presented on a stand in a glass case where you can see both sides of the plaque. We offer two different styles of decorative wall hangings inspired by this Egyptian artifact.

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