Egypt Travel: Medinet Habu Temple Visit

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Medinet Habu is known to be the mortuary temple of Ramesses III. It is located on the West Bank of Luxor in Egypt. Inside the Medinet Habu Temple are beautifully decorated columns and pillars. We loved visiting these archeological wonders in Luxor, Egypt.

The temple is best known as the source for reliefs and hieroglyphic writings depicting the happenings during the reign of Ramesses III. At then end of this post is a photo of the cartouche in the temple depicting Ramesses name. In archaeology, a cartouche is an oblong enclosure of a group of Egyptian hieroglyphics, typically representing the name and title of a king or queen.

This temple was excavated in 1859 and 1899. Medinet Habu is the second-largest ancient temple ever discovered in Egypt, over 71,000 square feet! The temple is just a 35-minute drive from Luxor, Egypt, and should be a stop on your travels through Egypt or as a part of your Nile River cruise.


cartouche of ramsses

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