Beyond Fair Trade: Working in Egypt for 40 Years

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Discoveries Egyptian Imports has been a place to buy unique items made in Egypt for over 40 years.

Most items are hand-made or hand-crafted, and the vast majority are the work of small, family-owned, and operating cottage industries. The top four vendors that we get products from are family businesses that have been with us for more than 25 years, and we buy directly from them. All of the proceeds from our purchases in Egypt go directly to the families and their infrastructure.

As a case in point, our main supplier in Luxor, Egypt was able to rebuild their home and workplace from a mud-brick adobe structure to cement block walls that can withstand rain that has become more prevalent there. We continually devote time and money to creating healthier workspaces. Our office in Cairo dedicates a percentage of its revenue to the local homeless and disadvantaged. We have also financially supported our employees in Cairo so they could support their families during difficult times. We are proud to be the leading importer of Egyptian handicrafts for many years.

Thank you to our customers for making the success of our Egyptian families possible.

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