Egyptian Travel: Valley of the Kings and Tut's Tomb

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On the way to the Valley of the Kings, our guide pointed out a house on a hill with a large dome on the top. They let us know that it was Howard Carter's house. Just over 100 years ago, British archaeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter led the team that excavated the tomb of Tutankhamun. 

Our owner, Steve, has visited the Valley of the Kings and King Tut's tomb many times. October 2022 was my first time to visit the site. Just before seeing the actual resting place of King Tut, we visited the Tut exhibit at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. The museum has all of Tut's regalia, including his iconic mask.


At the Valley of the Kings, there are stairs that lead you down into the tomb. The tomb itself was surprisingly small. Tutankhamun's is the smallest of all the tombs in the Valley of the Kings. His mummified remains are under a cloth in a glass case on the left side of the room. On the right side is the stone box that held his stone sarcophagus. The paintings on the walls are bright and vivid.

Baboons and other objects painted on the walls of king tut's tomb. The colors are warm yellow and red tones.

Many of our products are inspired by King Tut's mask and sarcophagus. If you are taking a trip to Egypt, we recommend the Valley of the Kings and the Egyptian Museum.


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