Egyptian Educational: Color Your Own Hieroglyphic Alphabet

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At Discoveries Egyptian Imports we have created several coloring book pages, educational booklets and fun activity sheets. We have made it easy to discover new facts about ancient Egypt and to teach children Egyptology in an interesting way. The hieroglyphic language contains more than two thousand symbols, some representing words, others representing full ideas, and others representing sounds (phonetic). Depending on how the symbols are used, the same symbol might represent an idea in one hieroglyphic sentence or a sound in a different sentence!

Egypt Coloring Book

For the alphabet, there are multiple symbols that represent the same sounds. We have adopted a generally accepted alphabet/symbol translation that we use for our jewelry and other hieroglyph related items.


Please feel free to download the hieroglyphic alphabet chart from our coloring book. You can also order the entire book with additional fun pages for coloring.
Download a PDF copy of the Hieroglyphic Alphabet coloring page. 

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  • I like all of the Egyptian Temple and painting :. I’m planning a Summer Vacation to Egypt in the Future Lower prices .thank you
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