Egyptian Deity: The Protective Goddess Taweret

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The goddess Taweret was a protector of women and children. Like the Egyptian god Bes, she offered protection to pregnant women.


Luxor Museum Taweret Statue

During the Discoveries team's visit to the Luxor Museum, we saw several small amulets resembling a standing Taweret. It was an awesome suprise to turn the corner into the newer part of the museum and find an impressively large statue of Taweret from the late dynastic period. (See photo) This statue had seen many centuries out in the elements and most detail was gone but we still were in awe of the size and presence. It is apparent the importance this deity had in ancient Egyptian culture.


Taweret was depicted as a pregnant hippo with the limbs of a lion and the back and tail of a crocodile. She was seen as a fierce and protective goddess. There are two common forms of the Taweret goddess, both standing upright and also on all fours as shown in the image below.

Taweret goddess statue

You can find all our replica statues of Taweret here. 



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