Egyptian Deity Bes: The Protector to Mothers & Children

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Egyptian Bes is a deity from ancient Egyptian mythology. He is often depicted as a dwarf with a lion-like mane, sticking out his tongue, and displaying other grotesque features. Bes was considered a protector deity, associated with households, childbirth, and fertility. 

Bes was known for his role in warding off evil spirits and protecting people from harm. He was believed to be particularly effective against malevolent forces that might harm children or mothers during childbirth. Many amulets and talismans featuring Bes were used by ancient Egyptians as protective charms.

Bes was also associated with music, dance, and joy. He was often depicted playing a musical instrument, such as a tambourine or harp, and his image was frequently present in celebrations and festivities. Bes was believed to bring happiness and ward off negative energies. 

At the Dendera Temple to Hathor, there are many reliefs representing Bes because of his protective qualities. The temple complex features a birth house with reliefs on the exterior walls that portray the birth and childhood of the infant Horus. The tops of the columns have carved Bes figurines. Near the Roman

gate, is a large painted Bes statue. We visited many temples and tombs in Egypt last year and Dendera had more representations of Bes than any other site.  




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