Horus Ruler

Wooden Hieroglyphic Stencil/Ruler - Horus - 12"

  • $ 12.00

This wooden hieroglyphic stencil ruler has a profile of the Egyptian God Horus at the top. These rulers are sold individually.
These durable wood rulers have the hieroglyphic alphabet symbols die cut so it doubles as a stencil. Measures up to 8 inches but is 12 inches long and 2.75 inches wide.
Packed in cellophane bag with a hole-punched header.

Horus as a falcon or a hawk could even take a human shape. Horus was also known as the god of the Nile Delta and then he became the king of upper and Lower Egypt and the symbol of kingship because it was Horus who led to the union of the two kingdoms.

Ages 12+ 

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