Sobek Statue - 10.5 inches - Black

  • $ 56.00

Sobek was among the oldest deities named in the texts inscribed on the walls of tombs. He was the lord of the crocodiles and was depicted with a crocodile head. Some believed that Sobek was the creator of the Nile River. This statue was handmade from polymer with a hand painted black finish. Made in Egypt! Your order will ship in box with hieroglyphic designs--perfect for gifting! 

Item Dimensions: 3.25 inches by 2 inches and 10.5 inches tall

Sobek (also known as Sebek, Sebek-Ra, Sobeq, Suchos, Sobki, and Soknopais) was the ancient god of crocodiles. He is first mentioned in the Pyramid Texts and his worship continued until the Roman period.

Some sects believed that Sobek was the creator of the world who arose from the “Dark Water” and created order in the universe. Sobek was a god of the Nile who brought fertility to the land.

**Your order will come with the statue only and does not include any props.**

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