Traditional Personalized Cartouches - Gold or Silver Options

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Translate any name into hieroglyphs on this beautiful Egyptian Cartouche! Your traditional pendant will be custom made, by hand, in the ancient bazaar of Khan el Khalili in the heart of Cairo. Choose from 14K Gold, Sterling Silver, 18K Gold or a mix of Sterling Silver and 14K Gold. Silver cartouches come with an 18" sterling silver box chain. Includes hieroglyphic alphabet chart and a jewelry box with a velvet bag. 

Please ensure that the length of your name matches the cartouche size.

**Production lead times are 3-4 weeks. ** It is worth the wait!

Gold chains not included, please add before completing your order! 

NOTE: You may choose to add extra hieroglyphics if there is room on your cartouche. To do so, please choose from the images below, and add the correlating number to your name in the personalization box. (Ex. "KATIE6").

If you would like a numeral instead of a special symbol, please contact us before ordering. 

We have every cartouche stamped (to verify the metal content) by the Egyptian government before exporting, and this often looks like a flaw to our customers, but it is actually part of the handmade nature of the product itself. We have no control over where the pendant is stamped or how many times. The stamps are usually on the front and back of the pendant. Please contact us if you are concerned about the stamp or want a certificate to confirm its authenticity.

Now offering gift wrapping options!

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