Tiny Hippo Figurine - Egyptian Goddess Taweret

  • $ 6.50

This tiny handmade hippo statue is made of polymer resin. There is yellow pigment added to bring out the lotus flower details. Made in Cairo, Egypt! 

The size is 2 inches by 1 inch by .75 inches.
In Ancient Egypt, the faience hippos were linked to the themes of life, regeneration, and rebirth through many different layers that included the behavior of the animals themselves as well as the decoration of these statuettes. When placed in tombs, they were meant to supply the deceased with regenerative power and to guarantee his or her rebirth. Taweret is the protective ancient Egyptian goddess of childbirth and fertility. The name "Taweret" means "she who is great" or simply "great one".

**Your order will ship with the hippo only and does not include any props. **

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