Hand-carved Soapstone Scarab Natural Green - 4"

  • $ 20.00

This scarab collectible is hand-carved in soapstone. Made in Luxor, Egypt! This scarab will come in a hieroglyphic box--perfect for gifting! The hieroglyphic design on the bottom of the scarab will vary.
The size is as follows: 3.5" long 2.5" wide and 2" tall  

Going back as early as 2345 B.C the Scarab Beetle or Scarabaeus Sacer is by far the most important amulet of Ancient Egypt. This a species of Dung beetle was thought to rebirth itself in a pile of dung each day to push the sun across the sky. Ancient Egyptians also believed it was the reincarnation of the Sun God Khepri and showed the endless cycle of life and death. The Egyptian name for the beetle was Hprr or “ Rising from, come into being itself” 

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