Egyptian Alabaster Votive Holder - 2.5"

  • $ 34.00

Enjoy a beautiful yellowish glow with white veins from this Egyptian alabaster. It is sure to give your room a striking soft amber light when lit. Ideal for holding tea lights or a small votive candle. This candle holder is sturdy but is thin enough for light to diffuse. **This listing is for just one votive holder and does not include any props or a candle. **  

These votive holders are individually made by hand. The color, size and thickness will vary slightly between them. We will not be able to provide exact matches if you order a set. 

Made in the village of Gourna, near Luxor, Egypt. Our alabaster is made by the sweetest family that we have known for more than 40 years--read more about them on our blog:

Ancient pharaohs prized fine objects rendered in alabaster, deeming them indispensable on earth and in the afterlife. Oriental Alabaster which is a much harder stone, similar to marble, and which today is only used for machine-made products. Egyptologists refer to "Oriental alabaster" (marble) as alabaster, and it was this material that was extensively used by the Egyptians in sarcophagi, in the linings of tombs, in the walls and ceilings of temples, and in vases and sacrificial vessels.

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