Hathor Oil Lamp White - Decorative Purposes Only

  • $ 12.00

This statue represents the Egyptian goddess Hathor. In ancient Egyptian religion, Hathor was the goddess of women, fertility, love, and the sky. This oil lamp (for decorative purposes only) is a modern reproduction of those used in ancient times. It is made in Egypt from polymer and has a hand painted finish! There are unique hieroglyphic designs along the sides of the statue. Ships in a box with hieroglyphic designs--perfect for gifting!

Width: 4 inches by 2 inches by 1.75 inches tall 

Hathor, a prominent goddess in ancient Egyptian mythology, was revered as the embodiment of love, joy, music, dance, and motherhood. Often depicted with cow horns and a sun disk, she symbolized the nurturing and creative aspects of femininity, while also being associated with the heavens and afterlife. Hathor played a vital role in the lives of Egyptians, offering protection, guidance, and blessings in various aspects of existence.

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