Bes Statue Bronze - Egyptian God - 3.5"

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This unique statue features the Egyptian god Bes. Bes, the dwarf-like Egyptian deity with a lion's mane, was venerated as a protective guardian of homes and families, believed to repel malevolent spirits and bring happiness through music and dance. Traditional hieroglyphic designs can be found around the base of the statue. This 3.75-inch-tall statue has a hand painted finish and is made from polymer. Hand painting will vary from statue to statue. Made in Egypt! Ships in a box with hieroglyphic designs.

Size: 2.25 inches by 1.75 inches by 3.75 inches tall

Please continue reading about the mythology of this Egyptian deity! 

Bes is the ancient Egyptian god of childbirth, fertility, sexuality, humor, and war, but served primarily as a protector god of pregnant women and children. He is regularly depicted as a dwarf with large ears, long-haired and bearded, with prominent genitals, and bow-legged. Usually, he is shown holding a rattle but sometimes a snake (or snakes), a knife, or sword. The image of Bes was often positioned at gates for protection and almost always appears outside of birth houses.
Bes was mainly worshiped through the everyday activities of the people as they went about their business. Bes was often carved onto furniture, for example, and especially beds to protect people (especially children) from evil spirits or ghosts which might come in the night. Egyptians believed a god named Bes was responsible for their dreams. Dreams were a very important, and indeed, sacred part of the Egyptian culture.

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