Anubis Statue Kneeling - Black - 5"

  • $ 26.00

This statue portrays Anubis, the ancient Egyptian God of the Underworld. Anubis is credited with inventing mummification and is the protector of the deceased. This 5-inch-tall statue is packaged in box with decorative hieroglyphic design and an information card. Made in Cairo, Egypt!  
Anubis, God of the Dead, represented with a head of a jackal or simply as a jackal opened the road to the other world and presided over embalming ceremonies. After a funeral, Anubis would take the deceased by the hand and introduce him into the presence of the sovereign judges where the soul of the deceased would be weighed.
Anubis was the Guardian of Offerings brought to the ceremony by heirs of the deceased and he also guarded the mummy from evil forces in the night. When the body was embalmed, a priest wearing a jackal mask acted as Anubis's representative. He also was the guardian of the Sacred Esoteric Mysteries.

**Your order will come with the statue only and does not include any props.**

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