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This cartouche features the three hieroglyphic symbols for 'Health, Life, & Happiness.' The Eye of Horus at the top is a healing symbol. It symbolizes protection for the wearer and their strength. In the middle are ancient symbols that represent health, life, and happiness. The bottom is the lotus flower, symbolizing rebirth and rejuvenation. In Egyptian mythology, the sun was born from a lotus. 

Choose from several styles and metal options, Sterling Silver, 14K or 18k Gold. You may also order the pendant in Sterling Silver with 18k Gold symbols in either the open or solid style. These pendants made by hand, in the ancient bazaar of Khan el Khalili in the heart of Cairo, Egypt. Your pendant will be around 1.5 inches long. Silver cartouche pendants will come with a 18" sterling silver box chain. Includes hieroglyphic alphabet chart and a jewelry box with a velvet bag.

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