Egyptian Wooden Jewelry Box with "Mother of Pearl" Inlaid - Hexagon

  • $ 37.25

Using beechwood imported from Romania and simulated mother-of-pearl, artisans in Cairo have become world famous for their intricate inlay workmanship. Each piece of the mosaic is hand-cut and placed individually into position to form unique arabesque designs.
This wooden jewelry box has a hinged lid and is velvet lined. The designs will vary but they are all very captivating. There is a lovely simulated mother of pearl design on the top and sides of the box. Made in our warehouse in Cairo, Egypt!     

The box is 1 inch deep- perfect for gifting jewelry!   

4.25 inches by 3.75 inches and 1.75 inches tall 

Materials: Wood

**This order is for the box only and does not include any additional products or props. **


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