Egyptian Footed Canopic Jar Set - Bronze - Set of 4 - 4" - Ancient Egypt Deity - Sons of Horus

  • $ 42.00

This Egyptian canopic jar set (4 total statues) has removable lids. These 4-inch-tall polymer statues have hieroglyphic detail on the front. Each jar is about 1.5 inches wide. Handmade in Egypt! These collectibles will ship in a box with hieroglyphic designs--perfect for gifting!  

Canopic Jars were used by the ancient Egyptian during the rituals of mummification processes. These were used as containers in which to hold the internal organs of the deceased that was going to be mummified. The jars had lids or stoppers that were shaped as the head of one of the minor funerary deities known as the Four Sons of Horus. It was the job of these four deities to protect the internal organs of the deceased; the Ancient Egyptians firmly believed that the deceased required his or her organs in order to be reborn in the Afterlife. 

The best-known versions of these jars have lids in the shape of the heads of protective deities called the four Sons of Horus. The human-headed Imsety was the guardian of the liver; the baboon-headed Hapy looked after the lungs; the jackal-headed Duamutef was responsible for the stomach; and the falcon-headed Qebehsenuef cared for the intestines

The lid of the jar here is removable, but the cavity is not large enough to hold an organ. The "dummy" jar dates to a period during which the internal organs were mummified and then placed back into the mummy, but canopic jars continued to be included as part of the burial equipment in order to ensure the protection of the four Sons of Horus.

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