Black Anubis Mummy Statue

  • $ 37.00

The jackal head of Anubis is easily recognizable among all of the Egyptian gods. His domain was the interface between the material world of time and space, and the invisible world of the Afterlife. It was Anubis who helped Isis and Nephthys find Osiris, and put his body together after the attack by Seth.  They did this by wrapping Osiris up in long strips of linen, creating the first mummy. Anubis became the god of the Underworld, and taught Egyptians the arts of embalming and mummification.  In ancient art, Anubis was often shown leaning over mummies, saying magic spells to protect them in eternity. 

This statue is handmade in Cairo from a polymer mold, and includes an information card. Statue is 11" tall.  




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