Hieroglyphic Stickers - 6 x 9"

Hieroglyphic Stickers - 6 x 9"

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Create your own paper cartouche using this sticker sheet! This single sticker sheet has all of the letters in the hieroglyphic alphabet and two empty cartouches. 104 stickers total! The sheet is 6.5 by 9 inches.

The hieroglyphic language contains more than two thousand symbols, some representing words, others representing full ideas, and others representing sounds (phonetic). Depending on how the symbols are used, the same symbol might represent an idea in one hieroglyphic sentence or a sound in a different sentence! For the alphabet, there are multiple symbols that represent the same sounds.

So, what exactly is a cartouche?
A cartouche is the nameplate or seal that was used by ancient Egyptian royalty as a powerful amulet of protection for all eternity. The oval shape is encircled by a rope, tied in a knot at the bottom, and symbolized 'all that the sun encompasses'.
The earliest examples of cartouches date back to the Second Dynasty of Egypt, but their common usage started under Pharaoh Sneferu during the Fourth Dynasty. The ancient Egyptian word for cartouche was "shenu". Fun fact: When Napoleon was in Egypt in the 1800's he thought that the shen symbol looked like a bullet cartridge and referred to them as 'cartouches' the French word for cartridges.

Ages 12+ 

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