Discoveries Egyptian Imports

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Welcome to Discoveries Egyptian Imports. Established in 1980, we are a company dedicated to the reproduction of timeless masterpieces from ancient Egypt. All of our products are made in Cairo itself. We specialize in custom-made, personalized cartouches, which feature a translation of any name into Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Using our “cartouche builder" tool, you can design your very own cartouche pendant, choosing the hieroglyphic symbols that you prefer. We also offer themed cartouches like “I Love You,” “Sister,” or “Peace,” - in addition to our many high quality products such as pharonic jewelry, handcrafts, educational booklets and activity kits, museum replicas, and much more! We would love for you to visit our retail store in Longmont, CO, and you can always order our products online, by phone, or through We hope to see you soon. – Sincerely, the Discoveries Family

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