Egyptian Sacred Ibis Statue - Hand-Carved Soapstone Bird Sculpture- Made in Egypt

  • $ 70.00

Handmade in Egypt, this bird statue is wonderfully unique. This stone statue has brass beak and feet. The statue was handmade with meticulous detail. It has beautiful details and was lacquered with a protective glaze. Made in the village of Gourna, near Luxor, Egypt. The delicate brass details on this statue should be handled with care. The colors vary due to the natural stone--please see photos that show the soapstone color variation. Your statue will ship in a box with hieroglyphic designs.

Size is approximant and varies due to the handmade quality: About 7.5 inches by 3 inches and 3 inches tall

The scarab beads and hand-carved soapstone artwork in our store are the artwork of our longtime friend in Luxor, Egypt. Read more about him in our blog:

The Ibis bird was sacred to and associated with Thoth the God of wisdom and writing. Thoth was often represented in the form of a man's body with the head of the Ibis and was the patron of the educated scribes who were responsible for the administration of Egypt.

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